The idea for Grana came about in Peru when Luke was visiting his brother and came across the superior quality of Peruvian Pima cotton. Impressed by the soft feel and durability of the fabric, and already annoyed by the low quality and high mark-ups in the fashion industry, a business idea was born: creating a brand that offers you timeless essentials made from the world's best fabrics at guilty-free prices.

With no remarkable name coming to mind, Luke's mom suggested he go with the family heritage- his last name Grana. Luke packed his bags in 2013 and left his beloved surfing spot and home in Manly, Australia to move to Hong Kong. That's where Luke met Pieter who was soon convinced to change his investment banking uniform into a Peruvian Pima t-shirt.

Starting out of a 500 sq. ft. warehouse in Hong Kong with a first batch of t-shirts from Peru, Grana was officially introduced to the world in April 2014. Selling out within a couple of weeks and happy customers from 3 continents, Luke and Pieter realised they were onto something, and started hiring. Since then, we have grown out of our small warehouse in Hong Kong but still have the same determination...to change the fashion industry from the ground up.

Luke Grana & Pieter-Paul Wittgen
Founders of Grana

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