We took some seriously tiptop cashmere and crafted a collection of shapes and colours that are ready to bend, jump, wrap and relax. Right this way, see what your cashmere can do.

hoodie & joggers

Cashmere that wraps you up. Indulge in the feeling of being totally enveloped in lightweight softness. Loungewear to take to the streets.


Cashmere that rolls with the punches. Sleek, stylish, snug
as can be. Protect against the elements with a rib finish

crew neck

Cashmere that layers. Take it anywhere, make that
everywhere. The essential of essentials. We made ours
with a folded rib cuff. At the office, on the town, this
guy is made to last.

real talk

How do you make the best cashmere better? We figured the only way to go was...more.
More silhouettes. More colours. More yarn. More cashmere.

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comb it out

Great cashmere has got to be combed
juuuust right. Shearing might be faster, but
we carefully comb, scour, dehair and spin
our cashmere to get the softest, finest hair
that we know makes beautiful knitwear.

gimme more

This season, we’ve increased the tension of
our 12GG knit. So what? Well, this is kind of a
big deal. We’re using significantly more yarn
in a tighter, sleeker knit which means waaaay
more cashmere, waaaay more smoothness.

Mongolian Cashmere image

cashmere that can

More styles, more colours, more silhouettes…
more decisions. We made cashmere you’ll
want to wear all day, everyday.
Go on, we dare you.

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