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  • Ever wonder what to get someone at Grana? Get over the hassle of figuring out their favourite item’s colour and size and just get them a gift card. Send them a code and personalised message electronically or by good old snail mail – we’ll even handwrite your gift message for them. Once your lucky recipient receives it, they’ll be able to redeem it and spend to their heart’s content.
  • You can either send a physical or an electronic gift card. Shipping is free for the physical version and our cheetahs will your message out by hand. The gift cards come in US dollar values of 20, 50, 100, 200. Upon redemption, the US dollar amount will be deposited into the recipient account’s store credit and displayed in their local currency.
  • Just head over to and input your gift code after logging in or creating a new Grana account. The gift amount will automatically be redeemed into your account as store credit in your local currency.

Everything you need to know about giftcards. Click here

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