Chinese Silk

  • Huzhou

    Silk originated in ancient China, and for many centuries the Chinese closely guarded the secrets of their laborious craft. Back then it was reserved for royalty and nobility. However, it soon spread to the rest of the world along the Silk Road. The best is still made by artisans in this ‘City of Silk’, using secret methods honed over generations.

  • Soft yet strong

    Silk may be delicate to touch, but it’s also tough within. All our silk is 2-ply for extra strength. The British Royal Armouries has also recently proven that silk has bullet-stopping capabilities.

  • Shiny yet matte

    We chose Crepe de Chine for it’s luxurious sheen, and then sandwashed it for a matte finish. The result is silk that is both lustrous and modern.

  • Amazing drape

    As well as having all these qualities that we’ve mentioned, Silk Crepe de Chine is also know for having a beautiful drape that is second to none.

Our Journey

The Making Of

Turning the best Chinese silk into the best silk garments in the world.

  • Spinning & Weaving

    Our silk is spun into a 2-ply yarn, making extra strong. It’s then tightly woven with weft twists running in reverse directions. This process gives strength, as well the slight crepe character it’s named for.

  • Designing

    Our understated designs may look simple, but getting them perfect didn’t come easy. Many hours and a lot of love are put in to make sure every piece in modern stylish and versatile.

  • Washing

    Sandwashing to be exact. For ours, we came up with a secret blend of special small stones. This special mix is what achieves our perfect balance of not too shiny, but not too matte.

  • Cutting & Sewing

    Delicate materials call for a delicate touch, and with our silk we also prefer a meticulous eye. It’s lucky that our silk factory shares our passion for quality. All our silk is cut by hand, and put together individually.

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