The start of
a new year

We’re talking detox with a difference. Lose the closet clutter, and take a simpler approach to dressing. Timeless, versatile, quality. Let this be your mantra.

the long & shirt of it

Poplin, oxford, and flannel. Remember these names. A great quality shirt is a non-negotiable and we don’t just mean for the 9-5. All day, every day, buttoned up is best.

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bottom line

A great fitting pair of jeans and chinos will be the centrepiece of your newly abbreviated closet. Quality and fit are crucial. Japanese denim, Chinese twill? Yes, yes and yes.

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pull the wool

You’re going to need some warm layers for the chilly months. Soft and cosy, think Mongolian cashmere, Italian merino and Peruvian pima waffle in muted shades and classic shapes. Invest in high calibre knitwear that last.

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