Chinese Cotton Twill

  • Xinjiang

    First designed to be worn as military uniform, Chinos were popularised in the US by Spanish-American War veterans. In Spanish, chino literally means China- the country where the cloth originally came from, and where we settled on when searching for the best possible fabric.

  • Twill Construction

    Twill refers to the weave- two over and one under- look closely and you’ll see a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. This creates a highly durable, hardworking fabric that can withstand daily wear and washing.

  • Sharp Yet Relaxed

    Twill also happens to give a smooth finish, which is soft and comfortable with a good drape. Perfect for soldiers, and now perfect for our own chinos and shorts.

  • Quality Finishing

    No cutting corners here. Pockets are fixed with bar tacks and waistbands are hand-cut. It’s these high-performing details that make our chinos more than just basic.

Our Journey

The Making Of

Turning the best Chinese twill into the best chinos in the world.

  • Weaving

    Our fabric is woven in a tight twill construction. This creates a smoother texture than regular twill, for super soft chinos that don’t wrinkle easily.

  • Dyeing

    We came up with the most wearable, versatile shades, to complement every item in your wardrobe.

  • Cutting & Sewing

    Our waistbands are curved and cut by hand, and our patterns need to be carefully adjusted to allow for the shrinkage that will happen in the wash after the chinos are sewn.

  • Washing

    Our chinos are enzyme-washed repeatedly for a soft, lived-in feel, then brushed for a super-soft peach finish.

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