Italian Merino Wool

  • Biella

    Biella, a northern town in the region of Piedmont has been leading the manufacturing of wool since the 1800s. Pioneers within the textile industry originated from Biella, making it a key location during the textile boom.

    This is why we go to Italy for the best merino wool available. They have the knowledge and expertise required to carefully choose their wool and process it to the highest standard.

  • Breathable

    This fine yarn creates perfect, warm breathable sweaters. The fibres are moisture wicking, which draws moisture away from skin. While the fineness of the yarn allows for an excellent warmth–to-weight ratio.

  • Elasticity

    Merino wool fibres are finer than other yarns, making them more durable to movement and stretch. Due to its high quality elasticity, merino wool is also much better at keeping its designed shape.

  • Easy Care

    Our luxurious merino wool yarn is really easy to care for. Unlike a lot of other wool, our Italian merino wool can be easily machined washed and tumble dried for your convenience.

Our Journey

The Making Of

Turning the best merino wool into the best merino wool knitwear in the world.

  • Scouring and Carding

    Scouring is the special washing process done to raw wool to remove dirt and grease. The carding process removes any short fibres and remaining contaminants. These processes allow the fibres to produce strands of condensed roving for the spinning process.

  • Dying

    Typically, the dying process occurs prior to carding and spinning. Our partners in Italy have the highest level of expertise to ensure our garments are dyed with consistency, superior colour and respect to our environment.

  • Spinning

    Spinning is the final process in producing the yarn. It involves taking the prepped raw materials and twisting them into single yarn strands. We use a 2xply, which means 2 single yarns are twisted together to create a two-fold.

  • Knitting

    Whilst a lot of meticulous work has been put in so far, it doesn’t stop there. Every item is tightly knitted to our exact standards, and fully fashioned using high precision machines.

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