Italian Sensitive

  • Caronno Pertusella

    Comfortable underwear is hard to come by. We travelled the world to find the softest, finest knit, and finally settled on our Italian Sensitive® fabric. Known for its exceptional lightness, stretch and breathability, this superior fabric is the perfect second skin.

  • Elastic & Durable

    We’ve knitted a dollop of LYCRA® into our fabric for that perfect stretch that hugs you in all the right places while keeping it’s shape over time. So you can dance around in it, do lunges in it and wash it again and again (and again).

  • Exceptionally Comfortable

    The breathability and oh-so-softness of Italian Sensitive® comes from it’s hexagonal construction allowing air to circulate between the fibres, keeping you cool and fresh.

  • Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

    Carefully knitted from soft microfibre and 28% LYCRA®, our Italian Sensitive® is extremely light and ultra-thin. It’s actually 50% thinner than traditional warp-knit fabrics. Fabric that feels like second skin. Honestly, it does.

Our Journey

The Making Of

Turning the best Italian Sensitive® knit into the best underwear in the world.

  • Knitting

    No cutting corners here. Knitted to exact standards, our fabrics combines soft microfibre with LYCRA® in a unique honeycomb structure to create a smooth elasticity.

  • Dyeing

    Each fabric is then dyed into our carefully selected range of colours. We know that dyeing is a water-consuming process, that’s why our fabric partner commits to recycling and reusing 30 million litres of water every year.

  • Elongation Testing

    Elasticity and stretch are one of the most important components of comfortable underwear. We work with the absolute best to conduct elongation tests on each piece to ensure it will maintain its shape and softness even after repeated washing.

  • Cutting

    A great deal of care is put into our pieces and there’s no better place to see this than in the construction and cutting. The edges are laser cut to maintain the invisible feel and great fit we worked hard to achieve. Each piece is then put together one by one.

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