Mongolian Cashmere

  • Gobi Desert

    Mongolia is home to the world’s hardiest goats, due to freezing winters and boiling summers. It is these goats that produce the world’s best cashmere, and before we start to knit, it goes through a meticulous process of combing, scouring, dehairing, and spinning.

  • Super Soft

    We strive to use the longest cashmere fibres possible. Longer fibres mean reduced pilling and improved hand feel.

  • Super Warm

    It gets cold in Mongolia - like, really cold. To counteract these low temperatures the goats grow wool with high insulation capabilities, which make it perfect for those colder months.

  • Super Cool

    As well as keeping you warm, cashmere is also very breathable. This means your new favourite jumper will be good for autumn, winter and even spring.

Our Journey

The Making Of

Turning the best cashmere into the best cashmere sweaters in the world

  • Combing

    To ensure we get the best possible cashmere, all our goats are combed by hand, using traditional combing techniques. This pulls tufts of the wool gently from the animal without causing discomfort.

  • Scouring

    Scouring is the special washing process, which must be done at this point to remove any dirt or grease from the wool before it’s ready for dehairing.

  • Dehairing

    This is a very important stage, and determines the softness and quality of the cashmere. This process removes the outer coat and the low quality, short, and thick hairs that can’t be used for our cashmere sweaters.

  • Knitting

    Whilst a lot of hard yards have been put in so far, it doesn’t stop there. Every item is tightly knitted to our exacting standards, and fully fashioned using high precision machines.

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